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Community Kids Hubs

The Community Kids Hubs After-School Program is available, at no cost, to all students registered in Kindergarten through 4th Grade who reside in the Highlands School District region. The Community Kids Hubs provide a safe after-school space for children to learn and grow together. Youth from Highlands School District, private schools, charter or cyber schools, and those who are home-schooled are invited to attend.

The Hubs are held from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM on Highlands School District full school days. The Hubs program includes tutoring, physical activity, social - emotional learning lessons, snacks and meals, field trips, and career exploration. The Hubs teachers and program aides check in on homework, and provide activities designed around what parents and teachers have identified as trouble spots in post-covid learning.

The Community Kids Hubs operate at Natrona Heights Presbyterian Church and the Lloyd D. Hayden Community Center in Natrona Heights. Highlands School District, Natrona Heights Presbyterian Church, and Allegheny County Housing Authority support these locations with space, professional support, and volunteer efforts. (A third location will be announced this school year.)


Members of the Highlands business community, as well as others, are invited to present at Hubs sessions to share information about careers, hobbies and talents, and are encouraged to connect students with what they learn in school to the passions and interests the children have for the future. The Community Kids Hubs aim to engage youth in activities that will assist them in learning individual behavior and emotion management, conflict resolution, and leadership and peer support. A few ways this is done is through yoga, art, physical activity, group activities and one-on-one supports from professional adults. Students also learn life skills such as cooking, budgeting, sewing and more!

Parents interested in enrolling their children in the Community Kids Hubs can call Highlands Partnership Network at 412-246-2030 or email

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