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Advocating for Strong Communities

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The Partnership gathers information, facts and experts to talk about important projects and topics pertaining to the HPN area. Utilizing the Network of Partners, information is distributed and residents are provided the proper sources, departments or offices of which they can ask their questions or have their opinions heard.


The Partnership is an advocate of ALL PEOPLE in the community, because everyone matters! When communities care for, support and encourage all neighbors and businesses to grow, improve and thrive, communities as a whole improve significantly.

A Kayak Parking Lot proposal will transform donated land from Allegheny Technologies Incorporated into a Parking Lot near the Three Rivers Water Trail Kayak Launch in the Natrona section of Harrison Township. The parking lot will give greater access to those who enjoy utilizing the river and kayak launch in our community, as well as provide parking to visitors traveling into the area from along the trails. Friends of the Riverfront will assist in securing funding for the project.


View the presentation here. 

Complete a survey about the project here.

Send a letter to your representative here.

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The Spring Hill Road Project, funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, will connect Natrona Heights to Natrona via Spring Hill Road with a bike lane and a pedestrian lane. Natrona, an area which had its only bus route removed ten years ago, has no transportation options and is a food desert. Families and individuals can be seen walking up and down the hill to get to grocery stores, bus stops and other businesses. The installation of the bike and pedestrian lane will improve the transportability of the area, as well as connect Harrison Township to the Three Rivers Heritage Trail.

The Highlands Partnership Network joined efforts with the Building Block of Natrona, Natrona Comes Together and the Allegheny Valley Association of Churches to engage the Port Authority to return bus service to the Natrona section of Harrison Township. 

HPN started a petition ( ) to present to Port Authority, as well as held community rally meetings to discuss this request and gain additional support.

Our request is for Port Authority to extend the Route 1 Freeport Road from Tarentum, along River Road, serving the areas of Tarentum, Brackenridge and Natrona along the river, and then head up the hill to serve Sheldon Park, and finally heading to the Highlands Mall where families can shop for food and clothing. You can view a map showing this proposal:

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